Wednesday, 3 August 2011


SO after being very slack for two weeks due to school starting again, i had an urge to do a post on the preppy look inspired by typical English private schools. Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger instantly came to my mind and the Hilfiger 2011 campaign is exactly what i had in mind. The simply styled clothes that look tailored and propper look inexpensive compared to other propper names such as Chanel. The way that these men have been able to make tennis skirts, riding jackets, pastel sweaters, coloured shorts and leather riding gloves look classy and wearable for day-to-day life is pretty damn genius. It made me wonder why my blazer couldn't be as tightly fitting, tailored and exquisite as the one above. After staring at many men modeling the original polos and pastel V neck sweaters it made me wonder why more guys don't dress like this more often! Any guy thaat had an outfit put together like that would definately catch my attention! 

Preppy look is an old trend, but after this whole 'i just got out of bed' phase im starting to wish its turn would hurry up and come back around. What do you prefer, grunge/boho or preppy and propper?



Luna said...

great post! ;)
xx Luna

So┼ła said...

Like it!!!!