Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Miss Moss

I loved the Vogue Paris May editorial featuring the one and only, Kate Moss, I think the mixture of punk and princess was captured well with the 'punk' shots and outfits being excentuated with a bold colourful background and the 'princess' gowns and shots being downgraded to a black and white photo. Kate Moss is still rocking it, even after two marraiges and one child! Isn't the Givenchy Haute Couture gown to die for! And the Armarni Prive Bathers are absolutely awesome!
What do you think of Kate? Is she looking more amazing than ever or is she fading out of the fashion limelight?


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Boisterous Boots

I absolutely love these boots! Miuccia's fettish for mary janes and socks has once again taken over then runway but instead of doing it in a typical plain shoe and sock, Pradas incredible style has been unleashed and these stunning boots were created! The suede socks and the plain shoes with either the block colour or snake skin are my favourites! I have been looking everywhere to try and find a pair of these online, unfortunately, i'm still loking... The heel is to die for! It makes the side profile absolutely magical and more desirable. Please don't try to make these at home.. I think socks and shoes are hideous but once again, Miuccia has redefined this, i think its because the suede isn't to tight and sock like, you can define that that are boots.
While i thought most of the collection was too bulky and boxy in the sholders and arms, i loves the fish scale garments and a few pieces of the wild hair garments. I don't love the boxy, large and unflattering stlyle that has been designed by Prada, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Miu Miu etc.. I think its completely 80's and that era went out of fashion for a reason.. The campaigns are to die for! They look so magical and out of this world. Thankyou Prada.
However like i said, these boots are magic and if anyone knows where to buy some, let me know!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Did Dior Dissapoint?

Did Dior's AW 2011/2012 Haute Couture show dissapoint you? With John Galliano being asked to leave, this is the first season the House of Dior's new creative directors designed and showcased their idea of what Dior was. The pastel coloured 80's style show with baby doll cuts was a bit of a shock to me. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed it, but i have never seen a Haute Couture Dior show with such mild and weak colours. The first thing i noticed differently was the lack of 'oomph' and attitude it lacked, and Karlie Kloss not opening it, was a bit of a downfall. Did anyone else notice that there was hardly any of the models we lust to see in shows like this? The bright coloured kaftan like dresses seemed to be more like Dior was marketing a collection for Middle Eastern countries such as Dubai, not Haute Couture. Never the less, the finale gowns did not dissapoint, the extravagance and layers and of course, Karlie Kloss, brought the attitude and fierce feel the Dior oozes back to life.


Dior Haute Couture Entire Collection

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Galactic Goot.

Whether its Josh goots simple and sophisticated cuts or his colourful signature prints, every time I see his collections I instantly feel like buying his galactic like skirts and wearing them simply with a white shirt and a Miu Miu collar. Goot mixes the right amount of crazy and plain together and doesn’t over do the design when his print is out of this world and vice versa in the sense that his bolder patters are simplified with block colours. I must admit, some of his pieces make me stare a little too hard and wonder what on earth he was thinking but his collections as a whole always look phenomenal once aboard the runway. However I do prefer his new season, his pieces seem more contained and the prints he has chosen are a lot more sophisticated and wearable. Btw, check out the shoes! Once again, a simple shoe with a singniture Goot style heel.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Les Chaussettes

I love how such a simple item such as socks, can be worn in so many ways and give an outfit a completely different look. Long socks enable us to wear skirts and dresses in winter and still be warm and look couture and fashionable. In all of the pictures above, every high sock is a different colour, texture and design and they are all worn in different ways. Socks over the boots, socks incorperated in the boots, socks under heels and socks under and with boots. Is this not the coolest, most unexpected trend you expected to evolve?