Monday, 4 July 2011

Les Chaussettes

I love how such a simple item such as socks, can be worn in so many ways and give an outfit a completely different look. Long socks enable us to wear skirts and dresses in winter and still be warm and look couture and fashionable. In all of the pictures above, every high sock is a different colour, texture and design and they are all worn in different ways. Socks over the boots, socks incorperated in the boots, socks under heels and socks under and with boots. Is this not the coolest, most unexpected trend you expected to evolve?



hundred of wilted leaves said...

I've been meaning to invest in some over the knee socks but was abit worried I wouldn't be able to pull them off.... Well now I think your post is a sign I should get some.xx

Blanks&Belle said...

i definately think you should invest in a pair! They look so great, i'm glad i helped you :) xx

Natalie Ryker said...

loving the socks..def gonna buy some