Sunday, 3 July 2011


I know this is Viktor & Rolfs spring 2010 season, and fashion goes in and out quicker than anything else, but these four dresses are some of my favouite pieces that they have ever produced. Usually i don't like V&R but when i saw Magdalena's editorial featuring this collection it made my respect leve rise alot! The detail in these dresses is astonishing! They look like an excellect cut gown, with a ranging palate of pastel colours, and i think the oddness of circles and sections cut out of these sculpted tulle gowns and being able to have an inside view of all the layers and hard work makes the collection ten times better! I think some of the shorter gowns mixed with leather clash, the harshness of the black doesn't compliment well against the ice-cream coloured colour scheme. However, these four particular dresses are quite magnificent and i thought you all should re-vist this collection!


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