Saturday, 2 July 2011

Winter Blues.

Isabel Marant Gunnay Jacket

Isabel Marant Gunnay Jacket

ACNE pistol boots
I just had to share what i was wearing today. Even though everyone was complaining it was pouring and miserable i was more than excited that Winters true colours were starting to show. Theres something about winter fashion thats just so much more exciting than Summer. Big coats, coloured pants, ankle to theigh  high boots, furr, scarves, knitsn and LAYERS! god i love layers! Well this post is done with my high on mega-pixel web cam camera, and due to ACNE robbing me of my money and camera privilage it will just have to do. This jacket is double sided, one with a silk print and the other with a metallic fibre gold quilted look which makes me feel very Armarni Prive. Always to nervous to wear the gold side out though, as Adelaide is very conservative.. Anyway weather, continue to be rainy and cold!


Top: Blue Nolita ruffle to
Jacket: Isabel Marant Gunnay Jackey
Pants:  True Religion
Shoes: ACNE Pictol Boots


Gabrielle said...

I love this Jacket and looks great with that combination you made!


Blanks&Belle said...

thanks heaps! yeah its such a cool jacket, and so warm!

Filia said...

I agree with your opinion about summer and winter fashion. Summer hasn't even started and I'm looking foreward for fall.

I'm writing a blog since June too and am also fifteen - funny, isn't it?


Blanks&Belle said...

i know! winter clothes are just so much more beautiful and you can wear a boring outfit and chuck on an amazing jacket and its fine! jackets are my favouirte clothing pieces :)
oh that is funny! well i'll definately follow you, hope you do the same :)