Thursday, 30 June 2011

High Collars + Haute Couture

Amazing huh? So i'm sitting here in my last history class of the term and instead of listening about how the feudal system was abolished i'm thinking about how cool detatchable collars are! It seems that within the past year designers have all caught onto the trend of removable collars and added their signiture taste to it, to make it different. Miu Miu have probably produced my favourite collar, however i'm not willing to pay $450 for one secondhand on eBay! So if anyone finds them, let me know! I reckon the print of it would just look awesome with a simple white shirt and a pair of 60's YSL or Givenchy full length flare pants. Then theres Valentino. Gaaaah. He really is my god, i think he is the only designer that every season amazes me. I continue to drool over how his neutral, skin tone palate and delicate fabrics flatter women and make them look utterly stunning. Even the harshness of Frejas look is softened!


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Valerie said...

Love these pictures. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Following you. xx