Monday, 13 June 2011

Wang Who? Wang Blue.

There’s a girl in my class with the last name of Wang, I jokingly asked her the other day if she was related to Alexander Wang (seeming as they are both Asian and have some of the most brilliantly artistic minds and design concepts, I thought it was appropriate to ask) after explaining to her, and the rest of my French class, who Mr. Wang is, they still seemed as bored and unamused as they were before whilst listening to a French grammar lecture. After spending most of the irregular verb conjugation lesson prowling eBay and stalking, for a reasonable price of blue Alexander Wang Addison boots I thought everyone should be more aware of the subtly fierce boots that lie under the tight velvet pants of his deadly but elegant models.
I actually was completely oblivious to his blue stained tip boots after viewing his fw2010 show, but after spying on them for way to long than any sane person actually should I think the rest of the world should know about these beauties. Enjoy,



WOLFCUB said...

hey lovely, cudos for starting your blog! It's looking great, thanks for following, am following your butt right back x

Blanks&Belle said...

yeah i thought it was about time! no idea how to work it, but thats all part of the fun :) x