Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The most stylish way to be a hippie,

The most stylish way to be a hippie,

So after being having a stressed out week i felt like going away to a tropical island and having beach hair and wearing this outfit every single day. I am utterly in love with 'The Row' partialy because Mary-Kate and Ashley design it but mainly because all their pieces are so stunning and so intricately detailed or seriously simple that you can't help but love it! Once again my natural substance obsession took over me and i couldn't resist putting in the ostritch plucked skin leather bag and the feather cuffs. The Jean Paul earings are to die for and if you have time go and check out the necklace, amazing! When i first saw the Miu Miu glittered, i was not a big fan, i thought they were too over the top but when the outfit is dressed down i think they could work. Anyway i'm not a big boho/hippie style fan but if my choice was this, then i wouldn't hesitate.


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Salut Spring!

Salut Spring!

Salut Spring! by blanksandbelle featuring glass rings

So after going through every single NYFW 2012 show i came to the conclusion that the main trends that seemed to appear over every show were color blocking, tight blazers, sequins, t-bar heels, pastel colours, belts and floral & warped prints. So i decided to incorperate a few into this post, with the brigtest colour to finally welcome the long awaited for spring, however i did decide to chuck in my all time favourite Altuzarra fur coat, because what outfits complete without a bit of fur...

What were your favourite shows and trends of SS2012?

Alberta Ferretti lace shirt
$2,395 -

Altuzarra fur coat
$21,375 -

Slim fit blazer
$370 -

Jason Wu pleated skirt
£1,365 -

Elie Saab high heels
$277 -

Vintage leather bag
$2,295 -

Valentino pin brooch
$409 -

Valentino bib necklace
$1,145 -

Yves Saint Laurent glass ring
$250 -

Roberto Cavalli waist belt
$1,910 -

Sunday, 11 September 2011



As i was stuck inside working, i couldn’t help but feel like trading my daggy work clothes for this outfit. It fits perfectly with today’s weather, and i desperately wanted just to be sitting on the couch watching movies with this outfit on. Even if i don't go anywhere, my favourite part of the day is waking up, and opening my wardrobe doors and applying my mood to the outfit I choose. No one has to see me; i just like the satisfaction of feeling like I’ve done something productive! I served a lady today with a YSL muse handbag and i instantly wondered if she had visited the amazing Muse Boutique, (for all you non-adeladians it's one of the few shops that sell all the clothes you dream about) so i popped down to Muse Boutique in my lunch break and admired their baby blue style, only hoping that working at a deli may eventually pay for my dream bag, being 15 is also a slight issue too.. and just quietly, how amazing are the House of Harlow sunglasses?! Nicole, I do not regret buying them!
Wishing I had a job in a shop like Muse and wishing my outfit of choice didn’t cost over $3800! I wonder if there’s a class that teaches you how to become a muse and be given the clothes for free....