Sunday, 11 September 2011



As i was stuck inside working, i couldn’t help but feel like trading my daggy work clothes for this outfit. It fits perfectly with today’s weather, and i desperately wanted just to be sitting on the couch watching movies with this outfit on. Even if i don't go anywhere, my favourite part of the day is waking up, and opening my wardrobe doors and applying my mood to the outfit I choose. No one has to see me; i just like the satisfaction of feeling like I’ve done something productive! I served a lady today with a YSL muse handbag and i instantly wondered if she had visited the amazing Muse Boutique, (for all you non-adeladians it's one of the few shops that sell all the clothes you dream about) so i popped down to Muse Boutique in my lunch break and admired their baby blue style, only hoping that working at a deli may eventually pay for my dream bag, being 15 is also a slight issue too.. and just quietly, how amazing are the House of Harlow sunglasses?! Nicole, I do not regret buying them!
Wishing I had a job in a shop like Muse and wishing my outfit of choice didn’t cost over $3800! I wonder if there’s a class that teaches you how to become a muse and be given the clothes for free....

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