Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Boisterous Boots

I absolutely love these boots! Miuccia's fettish for mary janes and socks has once again taken over then runway but instead of doing it in a typical plain shoe and sock, Pradas incredible style has been unleashed and these stunning boots were created! The suede socks and the plain shoes with either the block colour or snake skin are my favourites! I have been looking everywhere to try and find a pair of these online, unfortunately, i'm still loking... The heel is to die for! It makes the side profile absolutely magical and more desirable. Please don't try to make these at home.. I think socks and shoes are hideous but once again, Miuccia has redefined this, i think its because the suede isn't to tight and sock like, you can define that that are boots.
While i thought most of the collection was too bulky and boxy in the sholders and arms, i loves the fish scale garments and a few pieces of the wild hair garments. I don't love the boxy, large and unflattering stlyle that has been designed by Prada, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Miu Miu etc.. I think its completely 80's and that era went out of fashion for a reason.. The campaigns are to die for! They look so magical and out of this world. Thankyou Prada.
However like i said, these boots are magic and if anyone knows where to buy some, let me know!



Pearl Westwood said...

I saw these in Prada in London with all the ready to wear too, they look amazing!! I fell in love with a pair of the shoes in green velvet!

Pearl Westwood said...

Sorry for got to add the Prada store do mail order, thats how I bought my faux fur stole so maybe they can help you get the boots x

Blanks&Belle said...

thankyou so much! these boots are just what will satisfy my boot craving at the moment! xx